Waveney Folk Club - Past Acts

12 Jun 2020
Club night postponed due to Covid-19 Lockdown
26 Jun 2020
Club night postponed due to Covid-19 Lockdown
10 Sep 2020
Club night locked down due to Covid 19 guidelines
Due to Covid 19 guidelines the club remains in lock down.
2 Oct 2020
Club night locked down due to Covid 19 guidelines
Due to Covid 19 guidelines the club remains in lock down.
23 Jul 2021
Summer Sing-A-Round Season Begins Again
The folk club will be open again thankfully as lockdown ends. The Summer Sing-A-Round Season is a chance for local singers to get out and entertain the audience. As usual there will be a mixture of styles of music and song, but all presented to entertain . I expect to see old and new performers giving the folk club a welcome return after a long period of lockdown. There will be no entry charge as such during the Summer Sing-A-Round Season we simply put the hat around to cover the cost of hiring the hall. When the guest folk artists start to appear on a regular basis in the Autumn normal entry charges will commence again. So in the meantime enjoy a relaxed and inexpensive evening of musical entertainment at the Waveney folk club, yes we are finally open once more at last....
6 Aug 2021
Summer Sing-A-Round
Once again club singers will take it in turn to entertain with a range of songs and musical styles. New performers and supporters are always welcome. There is no admission charge as such we simply put the hat around to cover the cost of hiring the hall. It makes for an inexpensive and entertaining evening. Doors open at 7.30pm for a 8pm start and we finish at 11pm. Light refreshments are available, So bring bring your own beer and wine and enjoy the entertaining folk club evening.
20 Aug 2021
Summer Sing-A-Round
Another folk club evening when local singers and musicians entertain. It’s a bit like an open acoustic night, its unplugged and the opportunity to get up in front of the audience and perform a couple of songs , all musical styles welcome and all instruments as well. Although guitars are the most popular and occasionally some performers just use their voice. It all makes for an entertaining and enjoyable evening. There is no entrance charge as such we simply put the hat around to cover the cost of hiring the hall. Light refreshments are available during the interval , half way through the evening, this is followed by the club raffle always delivered with good humour, before the music starts again. Don’t forget to bring your own wine or beer.
3 Sep 2021
Summer Sing-A-Round
It’s the last of the Singers nights for the Summer season before the professional guest folk artists appear during the Autumn folk club programme. Tonight local performers old and new will entertain. Expect a variety of musical styles and instruments. All contributing to an enjoyable musical evening. There is no admission charge as such we just put the hat around to cover the cost of hiring the hall, it makes for an inexpensive and entertaining evening. All performers and supporters welcome. Don’t forget to bring your own wine or beer if you want to relax and enjoy an alcoholic drink, we don’t have a bar , but it’s a good evening’s entertainment nonetheless.
17 Sep 2021
Alden & Patterson
Highly talented Norwich based duo, formerly a trio, offering rich vocals together with guitar, Banjo and fiddle. Expect folk music influences from both sides of the Atlantic. Always in demand and always very popular with beautifully composed songs with lots of quality. This will be an evening of musical enjoyment from this top class duo.
1 Oct 2021
Glymjack are an English folk act led by the acclaimed singer-songwriter Greg McDonald. Greg’s award winning songs have been called genius and captivating. Described as contemporary folk this acoustic folk trio present guitar, fiddle and powerful high energy harmony rich vocals. Yes you can expect English folk songs with fiddle tunes of real quality. If you want to see and hear a top rated folk trio of real talent then make sure you catch Glymjack, they are so good.
15 Oct 2021
This ever popular and hard working folk band from the fenlands, are a talented fixture on the East of England live folk music scene. Pennyless have just released their fifth album entitled Strange Dreams described as haunting and brilliant by the Folk and Roots Magazine. Pennyless have a special sound that is distinctly English, creating lively, quirky and downright mystical songs from folklore, medieval history and their own musical minds. Multi-instrumental troubadours with fiddle, flute, guitar, bouzouki, whistle and mandolin. You can expect to hear instrumental arrangements of irresistible quality, together with warm harmonious vocals. Yes a welcome return to the Waveney Folk Club for this dynamic and popular folk band.
29 Oct 2021
Liz Simcock
One of the country’s finest female singer songwriters . Acoustic music at its best, put simply Liz Simcock is a class act. Liz commands an excellent songwriting style and her performances are faultless. With a strong and expressive voice and high quality songs her music has been described as fresh, original and very entertaining. Liz is always in demand and a very popular artist whenever she appears at the Waveney Folk Club.
12 Nov 2021
Reg Meuross
Captivating audiences with his beautiful tenor voice and skillful acoustic guitar playing Reg makes another welcome return to the Waveney folk club. The breath of, and depth of Material offered by Reg Meuross is unparalleled in contemporary folk music. Expect to hear songs about forgotten heroes, famous names, folk legends....... If you want to experience the warmth, humour and depth of a performance by the extremely talented Reg you are in for a treat.
26 Nov 2021
The John Ward Trio
Local folk singer-songwriter John Ward returns to perform an eclectic mix of folk music, always popular and always in demand. Offering songs with excellent lyrics and beautiful tunes, once again this promises to be a well attended and successful folk club gig. Don’t miss this opportunity to see John Ward performing at his home town folk club.
10 Dec 2021
Christmas Party Singers Evening
Local singers will entertain with songs of good cheer and merriment. Bring some food to share. There will be no entrance charge as such tonight we simply put the hat around to cover the cost of hiring the hall . So come along to a seasonal gathering and celebrate the joys of Christmas with a lively song or two....
7 Jan 2022
Singers Night
We start 2022 with an evening of entertainment from various local folk music and acoustic singers. The chance to forget about Christmas and look forward to 2022 in a folk club style with songs that take you where you want to go or maybe relive the past. There will be no door charge as such this evening we simply put the hat around to cover the cost of hiring the hall. So come along and enjoy an inexpensive and entertaining folk club evening as we begin the journey of 2022.
21 Jan 2022
Zingaro Blue
Zingaro Blue present gypsy music and much more, folk, blues, jazz, Latin and folk rock. This six piece band features the highly talented and popular violinist Mario Price. With musical diversity this lively unique gypsy folk band are growing in popularity in East Anglia and beyond.... Within this group they have a formidable song writing team that consistently produces quality songs with a local flavour. Expect to be entertained by this musically talented and enthusiastic band, without doubt offering an evening to be enjoyed and remembered.
4 Feb 2022
Frets & Furrows
Highly popular and locally based singer, guitarist, songwriter and good all round entertainer Tosh Ewin teams up with the musically talented Brendan to form Frets & Furrows. Expect good popular folk club songs plus laughter and good humour a plenty from this experienced duo delivered in a truly special folk club entertaining style. Yes great harmonies and well known folk song covers, this promises to be an entertaining and enjoyable evening.
18 Feb 2022
Anto Morro
London Irish folk singer, songwriter and artist.Currently based in North Norfolk he is a regular performer on the East Anglian and London folk roots and acoustic music scene. In addition to performing well known English and Irish folk songs Anto has written recorded and regularly performed his own highly rated compositions. Never Had to Shout was his critically acclaimed debut album released in 2013. Anto has been writing and recording music since that time including songs influenced by recent lockdown events. Inspiration for songs comes directly from life and his love of popular culture. A deep knowledge and love of the folk song tradition coupled with his London Irish heritage has given him a unique perspective on making music and writing songs. A very interesting and entertaining musical character and artist Anto makes a welcome return to the Waveney folk club. Because of the stormy weather tonight and the amber weather warning, tonight’s folk club event has been cancelled. Anto has been rebooked to appear on Friday 27th May 2022.
4 Mar 2022
Cambridge and Walker
This duo have been described as such a good fit, so well suited. Expect a lovely set of harmonised songs both traditional and contemporary from this very talented perfect guitar and voice duo. There is a comforting equilibrium in the music they make, everything is in perfect balance and easy on the ear. A standout feature of David and Jenna’s music making is the loving care with which they treat their material; communicating the songs message to their listeners in a tender and persuasive way. This promises to be folk club evening to be enjoyed and remembered, one of those special club nights from this harmonising folk music duo.
18 Mar 2022
Phil Lyons
Phil Lyons is a Colchester based folk singer and acoustic guitarist of traditional and contemporary British folk songs. This experienced folk performer has played and sung at a wide range of folk clubs and festivals in this country and France . He is well suited to the folk club scene. Phil has diverse repertoire of British folk songs including specialist songs about life and conditions in the British navy in times gone by. Phil is a well respected, experienced and talented folk singer who is completely at home in a folk club setting. He makes a welcome return to the Waveney Folk Club.
1 Apr 2022
Andy Wall
Andy Wall has stepped in at short notice to do this gig because Richard Grainger cancelled this week. Andy is is highly respected and talented folk singer and guitarist from Ely who is very well known on the folk music scene. Expect to hear a selection of well known folk song covers performed in a professional folk club style by a seasoned and likeable folk artist. It should be an enjoyable and entertaining folk club evening. Andy previously appeared at the Waveney Folk Club back in 2017 and we look forward to seeing and hearing him again.
15 Apr 2022
Easter Singers Night
Celebrate Easter and Springtime with local folk singers and musicians. Expect to hear a wide range of songs some seasonal and some less so. Although it promises to be an entertaining and enjoyable evening in a relaxed folk club way. There will not be a door charge as such tonight only, we simply put the hat around to cover the cost of hiring the hall.
29 Apr 2022
Singers Night
Hara are a four piece folk band formerly called Ludlam Pikes. Because of illness they have unfortunately had to cancel this gig. Therefore local folk singers will provide tonight’s entertainment. There will be no door charge tonight only we simply put the hat around to cover the cost of hiring the hall.
13 May 2022
The Medlars
The Medlars were formed in the late 2000’s and were driven by the desire to play and perform tunes and songs from the English tradition. They aim to revisit and create new arrangements of classic English folk songs with a twenty-first century feel. With original musical influences remaining these compositions have expanded drawing upon ideas from within and outside the folk music tradition. The Medlars have performed at a variety of venues and events, eg folk festivals, and folk clubs and are well known and popular in and around their home town of Colchester. The Medlars are a talented trio consisting of Emma Hardy fiddle and vocals, Tom Hardy guitar and vocals, and Alie Barnes vocals. The Waveney Folk Club looks forward to hearing and seeing The Medlars.